Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mi3 Brings You Erementar Gerade!

Elemental Gelade? Gerad? エレメンタルジェレイド?Call it what you want, but it's back, and Mi3 is happy to be bringing you volumes 13-18, which were left unpublished when Tokyopop closed. Digital Manga Publishing has been pounding through the first 12 volumes and has 9 of them for sale on eManga. I'm surprised they aren't up yet on Kindle or Nook like the rest of the titles from DMG, but we'll be sure to announce when they become available there. For those of you unfamiliar with DMG, there is a link on the sidebar to a post that outlines all the options for reading digitally.

I know many people would like to see a print run of these books, so head on over to DMP's forum and let your voices be heard or give them a holler on Facebook or Twitter. Like with all companies, things like this come down to money, and the higher-ups need to feel confident that there is a demand before they invest in print. Mi3 would LOVE to see these books printed, so let us know what you think! DMP ran kickstarters for two Tezuka titles. Would YOU be willing to participate in something like that?

We are just now working out the nitty gritty details like scheduling, so stay tuned for projected release dates and more info!