Thursday, January 12, 2012

Attacked on a Tiger's Whim - Otaku USA Review

Check out Otaku USA's review of some DMG titles including Attacked on a Tiger's Whim!

Attacked on a Tiger's Whim

Tiger's Whim follows the usual yaoi trajectory of violation to romance, but it does so with enough panache to make it palatable reading. Tomoya has been assaulted twice since he was 17 by mysterious, strange Murase, who tends to hit-and-run, disappearing for years afterward. Third time is the charm and after assault number two Tomoya can't shake his feelings for Murase, only to discover that the times Murase left, he left because he was in jail. That's right, it's a "thug love" story, full of men in suits, guns, kidnapping, grudges, love triangles, plot twists aplenty, and the token ruffies sub-plot! Tomoya gets caught up in Murase's dangerous world and the best plot variation Yamada can offer is having the yakuza thugs who ferry Tomoya around call him "Ma'am" because he's the boss's mistress. (Which, it turns out, is pretty amusing.) While the art is good, with solid character designs, the backgrounds are merely functional and the action scenes are skipped entirely. There is one "gun battle" that amounts to something taking place off panel and suddenly Murase is wounded but the audience is left to guess how. Whether the action scenes were skipped due to expedience or artistic inability, at least the sex scenes didn't get skipped over. They are plentiful if brief.
- Che Gilson


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